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These are some of the publications I have helped with:

Handbook for the Accused
A person accused of a crime in California often faces three prosecutors: the district attorney, the court, and his own attorney. Heavy case loads and too few resources force many attorneys to seek quick plea bargains with little interest in actually defending their clients. Defense attorneys often accept whatever deal is offered by the prosecutor in the hopes of avoiding work and disposing of cases as quickly as possible. Guilt or innocence rarely matters - nearly everyone is encouraged to take a plea. This guide is meant to help the accused avoid becoming a victim of the California Plea Machine by teaching how to actually prepare to defend, instead of simply preparing to plead guilty.

Major contributors include:
    Bill Slocumb    -    -    (661)324-1400
    David Faulkner   -    -    (661)324-4777
    Elliot Magnus   -    -    (661)395-0240
    J. Anthony Bryan    -    (661)861-8050
    Joe Whittington   -    -    1-855-Warrior
    Richard Jackson    -    (661)327-2531

Thanks also to:
    Buzzy's Bail Bonds    -    -    (661)324-8119
    Gotta Go Bail Bonds    -    -   (855)224-5269


Picture of Motion Book

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c pleadings for Criminal Defense Motions in Limine for use in California courts.  The most comprehensive book of in limine pleadings available anywhere in California.

Publication Date: June 28, 2015
ISBN/EAN13:1514750511 / 9781514750513
Page Count:2516
Binding Type:US Trade Paper
Trim Size:6" x 9"
Color:Black and White
Related Categories:Law / Criminal Law / General

Looking for the electronic version of the book?  The electronic version is custom made for each order.  For only $100 the motions are prepared on pleading paper with the attorney's name, bar number, address, and other information on each pleading in a separate Microsoft Word file.  The electronic pleadings are regularly updated and additional pleadings are periodically added.  To order your copy, call 661-JUSTICE or click below.

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We are currently accepting submissions for the Third Edition.  Contact either author to submit your contributions.


Jesus Malverde in the Courtroom (html) (pdf at California Attorneys for Criminal Justice)
The [Not Very] Speedy Trial Act
Facebook - Tool for the Defense
Sex Registration Guidebook - DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK!  Wait for the next edition.

Megan�s Law does not protect children; it harms them by forcing the true sex offenders into hiding.

This book is meant to help those persons harmed by the oppressive, unfair, law that harms children, destroys families, and creates a great burden on society.

 Need Help Getting Off the Megan�s Law Site?   Wait for the next edition!  There have been multiple changes to the law.


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The authoritative guide to requesting removal from California's sex offender registration system. This book contains forms and instructions for more than a dozen ways to request that a defendant's picture, name, address, and other identifying information be removed from the Megan's Law web page.

Publication Date:  Feb 01 2012
ISBN/EAN13:  1470043386 / 9781470043384
Page Count:  138
Binding Type:  US Trade Paper
Trim Size:  8.5" x 11"
Language:  English
Color:  Black and White
Related Categories:  Law / Criminal Law / General




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